X – ECUTIONERS coming to New York with new Music Albums

Photo credit: Rob Swift

The biggest Hip Hop Dj group of all time and three of the most influential scratch/Turntablists in history of Djing – THE X-ECUTIONERS will cross the pond for their first tour in years. The Rolling Stone magazine nominated the X-Ecutioners as one of the top 50 Players in Hip-Hop alongside the likes of Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill.

The supremely iconic DMC and ITF world-champions ROB SWIFT, TOTAL ECLIPSE and PRECISION exclusively come together for this tour and across six turntables will leave you speechless with their unbelievable turntable skills of cutting, mixing, scratching, beat juggling and bumpin’ club sets.

THE X-ECUTIONERS have been banging on the door since they first emerged in the 90s and took the mainstream charts by storm in early 2000. They then signed to Loud, home to the Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep and released 3 critical and commercial successful albums on Loud Records and Columbia Records (the first Dj crew ever signed to a major label!!!) including the 2002’s bombastic “Built From Scratch” album which turned them into turntable rock stars. With Linkin Park they scored “Its going down” a memorable live Rock – Rap performances and one of the biggest chart hits in 2003 which blasted the X Ecutioners into the stratosphere, bringing Hip Hop to the masses and gathering a mass of fans and critical acclaim around the world.
The group also released the truly amazing collaboration album with Faith No More singer Mike Patton “General Patton vs The X Ecutioners” and worked on their albums with multi-platinum artists such as Cypress Hill, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Big Pun, Everlast, Xzibit, Fat Joe, MOP and appeared on Link Park’s Reanimation album (the third biggest selling remix album of all time) many more. They toured the world with the likes of Eminem, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mike Patton (Faith No More), Bob James and many more.

“The X-Ecutioners reached levels of stardom and exposure that no other DJ crew has ever reached, “Rob Swift says, “We recorded major label albums with Loud and Columbia, shot a video with Linkin Park and performed at the MTV Icon Awards. No matter what though, I always am who I am, my morals and values about the art form haven’t changed.”

Their live show consists of two hours of jaw dropping group performances, individual turntable solos, all around party rocking Dj sets and a tribute to their fellow X man Roc Raida and Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

Come witness the world famous X-Ecutioners Style!

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